Laurel Boman

When I graduated from Gustavus in 2014, I took the next logical step for someone with a Classics degree—I started testing software. Originally, I fell into the career without intention. I had applied with Epic to be a technical writer, but the results of a personality assessment suggested Quality Assurance. I took the job, and […]

Emma Ellingson

As a Classics major, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and served as president of Eta Sigma Phi during my senior year. I graduated with honors in 2010. My passion for culture brought me abroad again to the Netherlands where I lived briefly before returning to the United States to begin working at a governmental […]

Karl Boettcher

I initially took up Ancient Greek to fulfill a language credit while pursuing a Mathematics major and Computer Science minor at Gustavus. Ultimate goal: to become an actuary – consistently ranked as one of the 5 best occupations in the United States. I was instantly hooked on Classics with its complex language structures and incredible […]

Susan Crane

When I graduated two years ago with a degree in Classics and Russian Studies, I didn’t know that I would end up in the north of Moldova, teaching English as a Peace Corps volunteer. A year after graduation, I arrived in Moldova, a bilingual country that spoke Romanian and Russian. Studying ancient languages made it […]