Emma Ellingson Posted on October 26th, 2016 by

Photo of Emma EllingsonAs a Classics major, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and served as president of Eta Sigma Phi during my senior year. I graduated with honors in 2010. My passion for culture brought me abroad again to the Netherlands where I lived briefly before returning to the United States to begin working at a governmental agency mandated with providing Holocaust education. In my current role as a public educator, I develop resources, provide teacher trainings, implement programs for a variety of constituent groups, conduct research, design exhibits, interview survivors and liberators, and partner with elected officials, community leaders, members of the consular corps, and the university system. I have the opportunity to study a period of history that provides critical lessons in human behavior, morality, society, and the role of a responsible citizen. My study of Latin provided a strong attention to detail and a precision of language that has proven to be one of my most valuable skills.


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