Laurel Boman Posted on October 26th, 2016 by

Laurel BomanWhen I graduated from Gustavus in 2014, I took the next logical step for someone with a Classics degree—I started testing software. Originally, I fell into the career without intention. I had applied with Epic to be a technical writer, but the results of a personality assessment suggested Quality Assurance. I took the job, and found that it was indeed a good fit. I now work for de maximis data management as a Quality Assurance Engineer and use my major every day. In a world where a single accent changes the meaning of words, I developed an acute attention to detail, which I now use to notice the subtle symptoms of larger problems within an application. The rigorous research that goes into supporting a thesis now allows me to evaluate the evidence I have about a system and support a claim concerning quality. And finally, the concern for the human condition at the core of my humanities major equips me to understand and advocate for the people who are at the heart of any software project.


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